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Diederik van Renesse

Diederik’s twenty-four years as a teacher, admission director and private school college counselor have continued to serve him and his clients well as a Senior Partner at Steinbrecher & Partners. In addition to advising national and international families on relocation, day, boarding school and college placements, he has extensive experience working with youngsters who require special needs and alternative schools, or interventions and therapeutic settings. This intensive, time-sensitive work has earned him the respect of hundreds of therapists, school counselors, clients, programs and schools. 

After each original placement, Diederik follows up in person, by phone, mail, and email to monitor the progress of his students, assuring the appropriateness of the placement and helping the family and student prepare for the next step. Because this process usually includes multiple stages (boarding school and college), Diederik develops and nurtures ongoing relationships with his clients. 

Diederik has lived and studied abroad and also specializes in helping international families find appropriate school and college settings for their children. 

Diederik has been and is a frequent presenter and participant at professional conferences and his memberships include NATSAP, SSATB, NACAC and other professional organizations.  

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