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We offer highly
services for
students who... 

  • seek guidance in selecting a school, college, or graduate program

  • wish to develop an educational strategy that will prepare them for the most competitive career paths

  • desire an educational program to complement special talents or athletic skills

  • need a different school setting

  • would like to become involved in an alternative program

  • lack motivation and direction

  • have poor study habits

  • are not meeting their potential

  • have been dismissed from a school or college

  • require a program to address their specific learning differences and/or emotional needs

Our consulting practice is based on quality individual attention and care. While our service is individualized to each student and family, services generally fall into one of three categories: 


Our consultation service is designed for students and parents seeking to clarify educational goals and set a framework for successfully fulfilling those goals.


Our full selection and admission service is distinguished by our continuous and unlimited support of students and parents through each step. 


We are available to work with students and families on special issues that arise when a student changes schools or is dismissed. We work with the student and family on creative solutions, special programs and a range of options that lead to new opportunities.

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